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Grove Park School Curriculum

Grove Park Curriculum


At Grove Park, we have developed our curriculum which identifies the key skills and progression steps that all our pupils need in order to successfully transition into the next stage of their lives. The curriculum has been developed using the Early Years Framework (Development Matters), National Curriculum and accreditation frameworks. It allows us to personalise the learning for each individual child or young person, taking into consideration their EHCP outcomes.  We use Hexagons, which is a bespoke assessment system, which enables us to track pupils’ progress from when pupils join Grove Park School until they leave.


Our ambitious curriculum is designed to be sequential, building the skills and abilities of learners over time.  Teachers deliver learning in creative and exciting ways through subject specific learning, and where appropriate a thematic approach.


Our school ethos of “Be safe, be respectful, be a good learner” is embedded across our Curriculum.


Grove Park School is a split site school in three locations, where we deliver a curriculum that covers Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form education. As the pupils progress through each phase they learn to practice, generalise and embed their skills and knowledge in order to develop independence.  As this happens, we carefully measure progress and plan next steps for learning.


Each pupil has an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), providing specific outcomes identifying areas of focus.  Teachers use these planned long term outcomes to develop individualised education plans (IEPs), setting short term targets for school, at home and in their local community. Learning, progress and successes are evidenced in learning journals and work books. Progress is shared with families through Class Dojo, Parent and Carer Meetings, Annual Reviews and in Progress Reports. 


For further information, please see the Grove Park Universal Offer and curriculum skills progression documents.



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