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We support our pupils with their communication by using Makaton. We are lucky enough to have a Makaton tutor, many staff who are trained in using Makaton and have used it with our pupils for many years, teaching staff who are completing their L1-2 Makaton, and four teachers who are completing their L1-4. 

Across our whole school we have lots of Makaton confident staff and one of our KS3 phase (Beeches) teachers has completed her L4 and is hoping to become another Makaton tutor for the school.

We also are lucky enough this year to have a parent link to the SINGING HANDS company and are looking forward to working with them to support our pupils' and their Makaton development further. Many of our primary classes also access 'Mr Tumble' via 'Something Special'- CBEEBIES, regularly to support their learning and to link to lessons and activities in class. 

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All of our staff receive weekly Makaton signs of the week based upon the stages of learning, and key topical vocabulary across the school. 

We have a weekly drop in session for all staff, if they are able to attend on a informal basis  after school- sharing good skills, understanding and learning of the Makaton approach and ideas to support teaching.

All of our staff are encouraged to look regularly at the Makaton website, and also the Singing Hands website for professional development and to access key words.