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Key Stage 4 & 5

GROVE PARK Key Stage 5 - Curriculum and Accreditation

The first table shows the activities that most students access every year where possible. Other social and educational opportunities through visits, college courses, events with other phases and schools, through activity days, charitable gifts and individual experiences are not shown here but may also provide evidence for qualifications.

The second table shows subjects that will be accredited in each year of three with challenges selected by the teaching staff at an appropriate level (this example was a 'Year 1').

CORE SUBJECTS and Enrichment


Maths, English, ICT

Functional Skills Courses and Qualifications (Edexcel Entry Level, Levels1/2)

English Speaking Board Accreditation

Transition/ Futures

Transition Coordinator individual and small group sessions, recording views, placement visits and home/school liaison, Travel Training.

Specialist PE

Swimming, Hydrotherapy, Sports/Games and Fitness Suite, Trampoline.

Certification through British Gymnastics Association

Vocational Experience

Individual placements for blocks of 2-6 sessions, various placements.

Vocational Studies

Animal Care, Horticulture, Catering. Media, Printing – Local college courses


Individual provision monitored or provided by relevant specialists

Music, Dance, Drama, Art

Individual, Small Group and Class work with specialist teachers


Annual programme (in addition to below) of work on Personal Care and Healthy Living, Sex and Relationships, Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education

First Aid Certification through St John Ambulance

Circle Time target setting by students, Merit awards, Sixth Form Council

LIFESKILLS CHALLENGE – THEMES:  Set assessment criteria from Pre-Entry to

                                                                   Level 1 Certificates



Independent Living Skills




Meal Preparation:

Storing Food


Road Safety

Meal Preparation:

Shopping and Cooking


Using Signs and Directions

Meal Preparation:



Using Transport

Leisure, Recreation and Sport

Indoor Recreation and Fitness

Sports and Leisure

Leisure in the Home and the Local Area


Citizenship and the UK


Myself and Others

Personal Care



Access to Health Services


Asking for Help

Culture and Values


Religious Beliefs

 Popular Culture

Creative Studies

Making Music



Making Pictures


Performing Arts

Making in 3D, Ceramics and/or Textiles


Work Related Learning


Work Awareness


Health and Safety


Computers and Technology

Video & Animation


ICT in the home

Internet Safety


ICT in the community

ICT at work and in everyday life

Annual Programme Life Skills Challenges Pre-Entry to Level 1

The Full Curriculum Document can be Downloaded here