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Homework & Behaviour



At Grove Park, we accept and appreciate that completing school work at home is not necessarily the best way to reinforce learning and is not always in the pupil or families best interests.


We also recognise that every day new learning opportunities present themselves whether the pupil is at home or in school. We encourage pupils, parents and carers to celebrate successes with us via Contact Books or Class Dojo.


Occasionally, Class Teams may set homework, the completion of which is optional.  Pupils, parents and carers may also request homework, which Teachers will happily discuss and arrange, ensuring that the expectations are appropriate.




At Grove Park, we have high expectations of our school community and believe that trust, kindness and consistency are key in establishing positive relationships and, consequently, behaviour.


Pupils need to be reminded of the rules in terms of behaviour with kindness using a communication system that is appropriate for the individual e.g. verbal or visual prompts. The expectation is that staff will teach, communicate and model expected behaviour consistently and will revise and revisit as often as needed.


We recognise that behaviour is a vehicle for communication. When children have complex needs and are unable to communicate effectively, the adults need to be observant and there to facilitate that communication.


When behaviour is inappropriate for the physical or social environment it is often a sign of discomfort, anxiety or distress.  Staff endeavour to establish the function of the observed behaviour and provide the support needed. At such times, visual prompts are often more effective than verbal commands and staff will allow time and space for the pupil to regulate their emotions.


If a pupil displays behaviour that may cause harm to themselves or others, staff have a duty to act to keep themselves and others safe.


To enable clear and consistent communication of the strategies used to support individual pupil behaviour, Behaviour Support Plans (BSP) may be useful.  BSPs are written in collaboration with families and other professionals, shared and reviewed a minimum of three times per year (at parents’ evenings and annual reviews) or as required.