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Homework, Behaviour, School Uniform



“Homework” as such is not set but can be provided for individual pupils / students if relevant. However, in many cases the parents / carers do co-operate with the teachers in continuing a part of a teaching programme while the child is at home.

Where parents have asked for work which can be carried over to home, we are more than happy to support this and talk through how you can best support your son/daughter in completing the work. 



Our philosophy at Grove Park is that Children achieve best when their successes are rewarded. Such rewards might be a favoured activity,verbal praise, or an event which is work towards over a number of weeks.   We use such rewards to reinforce a child’s success or positive behaviour.


Positive Behaviour Plans are written to support our pupils in a bid to reduce  or eliminate behaviours which may be considered challenging or put the child or others at risk. Plans are drafted by school staff and are shared and agreed with parents. Plans are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that strategies and interventions are still supporting the pupil.  

We have clear routines in school and we endeavour to co-ordinate such expectations with parents / carers so that the child is not confused by conflicting standards.


School Dress

There is a school uniform which encourages a sense of identity and also allows the children to be able to relate to brothers and sisters, most of whom also wear uniform to their own school. The school colours are navy blue logo sweatshirts (£12), white polo shirts with logo (£9), logo Cardigans (£14) which are available through school. Dark trousers or skirts should be work with sensible school shoes. School logo Fleeces are also available at £16.00.


Other clothing required includes plimsolls, T-shirts and shorts for PE, swimming costumes and towels. Uniform can be ordered through the School Secretary who has a complete list available.


It is essential that all uniform is CLEARLY NAMED.


We recommend that pupils who experience difficulties with dressing themselves should wear roomy, easily-manipulated clothes with velcro fastenings, to enhance their success in self dressing.


It is school policy that jewellery should not be worn in school because of potential Health & Safety hazards, but Governors have agreed that studs may be worn in ears only.


Sixth-form students are not required to wear school uniform but parents / carers are requested to ensure that clothing worn is appropriate to the school environment – e.g. low necks, high heels or short shorts are not acceptable.