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Cherry Tree Class

Rebecca (Bex) Smith- Cherry Tree class teacher

Hannah Brown- Trainee teacher in Cherry Tree Class


Cherry tree class is a mixed class with both Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils, set in a highly structured environment with familiar daily routines to support pupils within their academic development encouraging them to become more independent learners. Pupils are supported through their school day with a variety of different visuals specific to each pupil need. Examples of these include: 'Now and Next' boards, class visual timetables and star charts. 

Learning is delivered through fun and engaging activities that require the pupils to have a hands-on approach to their learning, exploring, problem-solving and making connections. The sessions also encourage and promote turn taking skills to develop pupils social and emotional skills. 

Pupil learning is individualised to their learning and sensory needs. Communication underpins everything we do. We thrive in class to enable pupils to have a voice and the resources to communicate their needs and wants whether this is verbal, using Makaton or PECS.