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Welcome to the 6th Form Centre


Thank you for visiting our 6th Form page.  Here you will be able to read about some of the many activities students participate in at school, local colleges and in the wider community. The students will be working on items they would like to include on the website.  We will update this page as often as we can. 


Prom July 2018

Sixth Form and Year 11 students attended their end of year prom at Barnsgate Manor. The prom was generously funded by the Grove Park Charitable Trust. The students had a fantastic evening and it was a special send off for our Year 14 students who will leave Grove Park at the end of the school year.




Local Colleges

We have good links with the local Further Education colleges.  Groups of Secondary and 6th Form students have attended West Kent College on a weekly courses throughout the course of 2017/18 academic year.   A group of students also attended Sussex Downs College Lewes Spring 2018 for a ten week course to sample college life.

We will be sending some students to Hadlow and West College on day release for the 2018/19 academic year on catering, hair and beauty and motor mechanic courses.


Vocational Work Visits

We try, wherever possible, to provide some supported experience of life in the work place for our students. We are very fortunate to have built up very good relationships with some local businesses and organisations.

Our links with local businesses include: Waitrose Crowborough, The Pet Food Shop, Tiddlers Nursery, The Courtyard Cafe Rotherfield, All Saints Church Coffee Bar and Coppards Plant Hire.

We are always looking for suitable providers, so if you think you might be able to help, or know of a business or organisation you think may be suitable, please do let us know




What the Students Say...


We go on the bus to swimming. When we get there we get changed and go into the swimming pool to swim we do front crawl/back stroke/breast stroke/butterfly. And straight after we have a little playtime. Then we get out and have a shower then we get changed and ready to go back to sixth form. Then Olly takes the register to make sure everyone here then we go back on the bus to sixth form.

Swimming is fun it builds up my muscles I’ve got a six pack from it. It builds up my muscles. I love swimming.

A song for swimming – ‘Swimming is good for you, yeah!’ (Shane W)



I go in the orange room. We have a story. I look in the box, I used a zip. We are waving and cheering sometimes. I get wet with a spray its dark I played a drum. (Amelia F)



I did the wheelbarrow. I cleaned out the shed sheep were inside because they had babies [lambs] I walked with the pony I picked up a rat. I liked the snakes they are good! We look after the piglets. (Amelia F)


Some students have been chosen to go to Plumpton College in Netherfield to do small animal care and farm animals as well to learn how to look after them and some signs that if they are really ill or their habitat for outside if there is any danger for the animal. Also we did horticulture to see what type of plant is for the right compost and different plants from different countries and how much water and sun do the different plants need. Also we learn how to put a plant in a pot as well. Also I think that Plumpton is a wonderful place to learn and to have fun with your friends and it is amazing that they let students with disabilities do this for an experience and it is a fun place as well. (Shannon L)






At 6TH form we have been on lot of trips we went to London on the minibus to visit the Neasden Temple I had a nice time the temple was incredible, amazing and great. We also went to visit Crowborough Fire Station I tried on the fire helmet sat in the fire engine then we were all allowed to spray the water in the road my favourite thing was spraying the water I liked visiting the first station the fireman was friendly and happy. (Felix F-A)




The thing about the fitness suite is that it has very good machines.

It has bikes and I go on them for ten minutes. I like going on the rowing machine because it is such a brilliant machine. I go to the fitness suite to get myself fit and strong. I go with my mates from sixth form and Lotti. (Jacob)





In every Tuesdays some of the groups did some cooking from week by week alternately for 2 classes that we were cooking different types of recipes.

Every time in the mornings we managed to think about what we were cooking on that day, before we doing cooking however we have to keep in tracking of those ingredients for going shopping like sometimes we usually in TESCO and then other times we normally go to Morrisons because between these 2 shops they do have different price points.

After we got these ingredients, well….after break times usually we always go into the cookery room that we can take out those items like the equipment’s and also ingredients out of the shopping bag. Then we use those ingredients to make the recipe and desserts. (Max H)





I have Music Therapy once a week. I get to choose a song to sing. My Favourite is Black Magic by Little Mix, I can use the microphone if I want to and there are lots of instruments to choose from including drums. It’s really fun and I enjoy going to my Music Lesson. (Isobel A)




Once a week we go to Uckfield to do trampolining at Funabouts. Some of us go on the big trampolines and some on the small trampolines. We get badges when we go up higher levels. I like going with my friends and we go for a drink afterward. (Maisy P)



On Wednesday I go to West Kent College to do Catering. We cook a variety of different dishes - my favourite so far has been Scottish Pancakes and Biscuits. After cooking we write up what we have done and the recipes so we go can keep them all in our folders. We go to the café for lunch. (Lara H)

I go to West Kent College to do cooking. I go with the Year 14s. We talk about what we are going to cook with Jane (Tutor).We have our won cooking spaces and we find what we need to use. We make, cakes , pancakes, soup and healthy food. In the afternoon we have a break and do paperwork. I really enjoy it. (Bryan)



I like Art, drawing hearts, and choosing my colours. I put flowers inside and then shapes all around the outside, in a ring. I like to get the paint out.(Sophie)





In my dancing lesson I play the drums and count to 4 I do different steps to the music, sometimes I move my arms up high and I do dancing with Olly, Amelia, Lara, Isobel & Emilie. I Love dancing because it is my number 1 best lesson of all time. (Katie S)



At lunch we go downstairs to the canteen. We go there with Beacon students. We go into the canteen and make a choice of what food we want. My favourite is roast. I sit with my friends and talk. I enjoy going to the canteen for lunch. (Maisy P)



In maths I go into the classroom to do the lessons, we do some wok with Money and we look at the white board to see what to do. I really like working with shapes. We also do some measuring and are learning how to change to different scales. I have got better at working with bigger numbers and bigger amounts of money. I would like to do more on patterns. (Issie V)



In PE we do warm – ups to get our hearts beating fast and to warm us up.The students take turns to lead this. Sally teaches P.E, she is very good. P.E is fun. I enjoy playing hockey and football. (Abbi H)




On Tuesdays in ICT we learn about spell checks/posters/slide shows and making films. Last year we did a Halloween film about vampires. In the film I played a police officer. I really enjoyed making and editing the film for Halloween in October of 2016. (CS)



We go to the Bridge Course to get used to and look at other colleges , and to meet new friends. The Bridge Course taught me how to be calm when I am out. . I have got very good at listening. (Emilie B)






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